About Us

Photo credit: Nabil Miftahi

The Jersey City Office of Innovation
Jersey City was one of 12 U.S. cities selected in 2014 to participate in Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Innovation Teams program. Innovation teams (i-teams) function as in-house innovation consultants, moving from one mayoral priority to the next. City governments tend to focus most of their limited resources managing day-to-day operations and responsibilities, with limited capacity to develop and implement the organizational changes and strategies that can solve the most complex urban challenges. The newly created Jersey City Office of Innovation is an i-team that will address these challenges head-on by generating bold, forward-thinking solutions to improve the lives of our community members and advance our dynamic and growing City.


Focusing initially on the revitalization of struggling commercial districts, the Office of Innovation will rely on a data driven approach as it defines and responds to complex urban challenges, deploys resources to meet those challenges, and measures the impact of solutions implemented. The Office of Innovation is within the Jersey City Mayor’s Office, reporting directly to the Mayor and working closely with Deputy Mayor Vivian Brady-Phillips.


Bloomberg Philanthropies Overview
Bloomberg Philanthropies’ mission is to ensure better, longer lives for the greatest number of people. The organization focuses on five key areas for creating lasting change: Public Health, Environment, Education, Government Innovation and the Arts. Bloomberg Philanthropies recently awarded Jersey City a $2.25 million grant to build a local Innovation Team that will be tasked with solving Jersey City’s most complicated local issues. Click here to read more about Bloomberg Philanthropies.


If you have any further questions, please reach out to the Office of Innovation Director, Brian Platt, at BPlatt@jcnj.org.